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April 3, 2020
Posted in PrestaShop
April 3, 2020 Njla772

Many online shops or ecommerce sites find marketplaces to be the perfect and ideal places to get a chance to increase sales. But, although it is not very complicated, you must know some aspects to do it with guarantees. 

Therefore, from Conecta Software we want you to know how to sell in Amazon


How to start selling on Amazon from 0?

  • Decide what you're going to sell. There are more than 20 product categories.
  • Select your sales plan. Amazon has two sales plans: The Individual Plan in which you don't pay a monthly fee, but pay 0.99 for each sale you make. On the other hand, the Pro Plan has a monthly fee of 36 ?, but you can sell products in an unlimited way.
  • Register and publish. You have to create an account in Seller Central, an interface where you manage your seller profile.


If your online store is created with PrestaShopWe leave you with a series of modules that can help you:

Modules/plugins for sale on Amazon with PrestaShop:

  1. Amazon Market Place Module
  2. Feed.biz module 
  3. Amazon Sync Marketplace
  4. Amazon importer
  5. PrestaBay - Amazon Marketplace Integration


If your online store is created with Wocommerce ,we leave you some modules that can help you:

Modules/plugins to sell on Amazon with WooCommerce


Amazon and Omnicanality

Selling in an omnibus way is one of the objectives that many companies set themselves, but few manage to achieve it. Being omnicanal, is a communication model that companies carry out to achieve an improvement in the customer experience and allowing to be in constant contact with the company at the same time through different channels.


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, 1999, said the following sentence:

"Neither television nor video ended up in theaters. But the physical stores will have to be better, more attractive, more practical, more efficient. E-commerce is not going to replace traditional commerce, it's going to force it to change. 


Amazon Support Services

Spain is one of the countries in which many companies have found their new sales channel: electronic commerce or ecommerce. Hundreds of small and medium enterprises use the Amazon Marketplace to sell their products all over the world.

These companies can offer their products from any part of Spain in the 11 websites that amazon has in 7 different languages, in addition to the more than 100 logistics centres that it has to reach the more than 300 million users that it has around the world.

Therefore, Amazon favors companies and offers a support service to all those companies that already have products and sell, but wish to attract new customers:


Spanish SMEs selling through Amazon reached the record figure of 400 million euros in exports during 2018. This meant a growth of more than 50% with respect to 2017.


Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a support service offered by Amazon to meet the shopping needs of either a large company or a small business.

This service allows those who subscribe to the plan to make purchases on Amazon in the name of the company, providing flexible solutions and advantages designed especially for companies such as

  • Downloading VAT invoices
  • Prices without VAT 
  • And more.

Registration is free and you can be part of the hundreds of thousands of business users who save time and money by discovering products at competitive prices.

  • Great selection and comfort
  • Easy management of VAT invoices
  • Competitive prices
  • Methods of payment
  • Visibility and control
  • Simplified purchasing processes


"Amazon Business gives us the opportunity to optimize and simplify our processes, increase the efficiency of our supply chain and improve the experience of our users. - José Antonio Valgañón (Cepsa's Purchasing Director)



Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics helps you reach more customers with benefits such as fast prime shipping and easy selling across Europe. More customers usually means more sales. Just send us your products and we'll take care of storage, shipping, customer service and returns management.


  • An 83% of those vendors that were added to Amazon Logistics in order to gain access to Prime customers, confirmed that they had achieved their goals.
  •  The 79% of the sellers who wanted to sell internationally, said that thanks to Amazon Logistics, they achieved the desired expansion
  • Y un 78%de los vendedores que buscaban incrementar sus ventas en Amazon afirmaron que desde que se unieron a Logística de Amazon, lo consiguieron. 


SMEs in Spain employ more than 10,000 people to manage sales at Amazon.


Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is an exclusive community for all artisans who wish to sell their products online through Amazon.


  • Craftsmen only. The application is unique, so an audit process is carried out to check that the stores are hand-made.
  • Customized profile. The artisan profile has a URL personalized so that users and customers can find your store more easily.


Amazon Custom

This is another Amazon store where shoppers can customize the products you offer with their own text, photos or the various options you provide. 

Amazon Custom supports all three types of customization:

  • Text customization
  • Image personalization
  • Product configuration


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