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November 6, 2018
Posted in branding

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Typography is an important element in the definition of the corporate image. It is part of the logo, a distinctive symbol of the company. Choosing the right typography for the brand is not an easy task, and it deserves the effort and time needed for a convincing result.


The importance of typography

Why not choose the default Calibri proposed by a Word document?

The typography is, together with the value proposalThe logo is made up of a series of different shapes and colours that form a logo and communicate the brand message in a visual way. It helps to differentiate and reinforce the idea through the form.

logos typography

microsoft coca-cola vogue chanel muji h&m logos


It is such a versatile and important element, that it can become a logo, without the need to add an image. We can think of Coca Cola or Vogue.

Typefaces are magic. Not only do they communicate information about a word, but they convey a subliminal message.

Erik Spiekermann


What is the font family?

The term typographic family refers to a group of elements, characters and numbers, with a unified style.

The classification of typeface families

Firstly, the typeface is classifies for being

  • Serif, or skating
  • Sans Serif, or linear


Serif fonts are preferably used to communicate a classic, formal and elegant style. Its strong point is its legibility, supported by linear endings.


On the other hand, Sans Serif typefaces are seen in short texts and titles, as they are ideal for making an impact. Unlike Serifs, we find this type of typography in modern and dynamic brands.

In addition, there are several families

  • Roman (ancient, transitional and modern)
  • Egyptian
  • Geometrica
  • Humanistics
  • linear
  • Manuscript
  • Decorative


Typographical elements

What is the serif?

It is known as serifa or remate, to the small finishes that we can find in a pointed way at the end of the main features of the characters in some erie of fonts. The truth is that this is one of the main differences in typographies.

  • Serif letters
  • Letters are serfia (also known as dry stick

What are Kerning and Tracking? How are they different?

Tracking, which is translated into Spanish as interletraje or interletraje, consists of a modification of what is the natural spacing between some characters of a typography. The natural spacing is the one that comes by default in the typography. The modification can be temporary, that's why it's not fixed and permanent.

On the other hand, we have the KerningNo literal translation has been found for this term in English. It is an operation of adjustment and alteration of the tracking of a pair of consecutive characters that have an unsightly problem with spacing and it aims to improve the appearance and reading of the text.

importance of typographyimportance of typographyThe typography in the brands

One of the best known examples of the Roman family is the logo of the fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. On the magazine's cover, we can appreciate the strength of its personality, identified with style and elegance. Even if some of the letters are hidden behind a model, it is clearly identifiable, differentiating it from the competition of other fashion magazines without difficulty.

Among the typefaces serif there's Garamond, Century and Georgia.

garamond century georgia fonts

On the other hand, brands such as Sony, Honda and Volvo use Egyptian or Meccano typefaces. They have a straight serif, or Slab Serif, of a thickness similar to the rest of the strokes of the letter. They communicate importance, solidity and confidence.

Typographies of this type are Clarendon and Rockwell.

sony volvo clarendon rockwell logo fonts

Online typography fonts

We recommend these 3 sites, which have a wide variety of fonts, even available for free downloads.

DaFont allows the download of fonts for free. They can be consulted in alphabetical order, by style, author and popularity. https://www.dafont.com/

1001 Fonts currently offers 18720 free fonts in 9875 families https://www.1001fonts.com/


Font Squirrel also offers an extensive collection of free, high quality typefaces  https://www.fontsquirrel.com/

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