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Partner Program

Join our partner program and benefit from our commission rates.
Recommend us through your website, blog or email and you can earn up to 20% from each sale made as a partner.

Benefits of our partners

We are constantly looking for new partners to help us grow. Our partner program is aimed at professional users and companies, who will be able to enjoy all these benefits:

First-class solutions for your customers

At Conecta Software we are continuously updating our ecommerce, branding and analytics products, to respond directly to the individual needs of our clients.

Through the partner program you can learn about all these tools in detail and help your customers make the most of their online presence.

About us

Our goal is to help companies design and execute e-commerce strategies, providing comprehensive solutions ranging from designing and developing Ecommerce platforms and connecting these platforms with their ERP management tools, to hosting your website and marketing content.

If you already know us and need to integrate our brand, please consult our user manual.

Everything you need to know

Our partner agencies enjoy numerous benefits as partners - join the program and help us promote our products! Register now and we will send you all the information. If you have any questions, don't worry, we will be happy to help you.

Commissions and fees

We offer a monthly commission of 20% for each customer obtained through the partner program, as long as they continue to stay with us. The commission may vary depending on the duration of the contract, and the products sold.

Support and advice

Our team of experts will always be available to answer any questions or queries your clients may have and work with you to find the perfect solution. Ongoing dialogue with our customers is vital to us, as it provides the basis for the future development of our product and service.

Practical example how does it work?

For example, for a customer who pays a marketing plan of £490/month in advance of 6, 12 or 24 months the commission can vary from £588 to £1176, while for customers who pay monthly it would be £98.

Instant and easy benefits

  • 20% of monthly commission per sale
  • 5% monthly commission per additional affiliate partner
  • Lifetime commission until the end of the contract
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Connect your business.


In HUB 360 you will find all the technology and services for your e-commerce strategy.


Integra tu ecommerce con tu ERP sistema de gestión y todos tus canales para vender online.


BI Studio dashboards are your next generation business intelligence tool.


Proyecto Cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional. Beneficiario: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. Nº expediente: EATIC2019010001. Inversión Aprobada: 173.800,00 €. Comienzo: 01/04/2019. Finalización: 30/09/2020. El presente proyecto tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de una capa de usuario multilingüe y dashboards para entornos web y windows de solución de Business Intelligence.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Beneficiary: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. File number: PI2019010001. Approved Investment: 6,444.80 Start date: 17/10/2018. Completion: 16/10/2019. The present project aims at developing a connector software that automates the generation of virtual catalogues so that the company can offer in its Online Store products with a wide description and with images that make the user experience richer and more complete.


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