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What is an SSL Certificate and what does the company need it for

July 24, 2019
July 24, 2019 Conecta Software

SSL certificate protects a website and its users, for the exchange of information, for a better positioning and provide security and confidence.


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What is the SSL certificate?


It's a safety protocol

The SSL certificate, Secure Socket Layerit's a security protocol. It is used for the transmission of data between a server and a user or through the Internet, in order to ensure that this transmission is secure.


It's an open protocol

That means that phe can be used by any manufacturer of Internet applications. It can be used with any of the most common online service protocols, especially for web traffic via HTTP. These are the most common:

    • HTTP
    • FTP
    • SMTP


It is based on an encryption system

This protocol is based on the use of an encryption system that uses a algorithm - public key and private key - with a security key. It is only known by the machine of the connected user and the server to which it connects.


Encrypt the information

Encryption means that even if the transmitted information was intercepted, you couldn't read if this password is not available.


It is installed on the website

To use this protocol within a website, it is necessary that the web is in possession of a digital certificate of security. This means that the SSL protocol will be installed on that website.


It's a security system

It's a security system for websites. It guarantees that the data entered travels safely. They cannot be read by third parties. Therefore it is important that corporate websites, which ask for the introduction of personal data, have it installed.

Is it important to have this certificate in a company?

Yes. Implementing the certificate in the company websites guarantees that the forms where the personal data are introduced, are private and secure.

In addition, this certificate proves identity and credentials when accessing a website. It guarantees that the website is secure and that your identity is guaranteed. This is especially important for recognizing and avoiding page substitution.

As a result, users' and buyers' confidence is increased, as they know that their data travels safely.

Security measures in Google Chrome

As part of its safe surfing initiative, the Google has begun to mark websites without an SSL certificate as "not secure since February 2018. An exclamation mark within a circle was used for marking.

In the last version of the browser, which is published in July 2018, this measure will be the standard, alerting users when they enter any website without an SSL certificate.

treatment of http pages in google chrome before v68

This measure will affect unsafe websites that do not use HTTPS by default

This is how a web page will be displayed without SSL certificate to the user

treatment of http pages in google chrome

What's the next step?

While version 68 indicates by:

  • Colors (warning red and safety green)
  • Texts (not sure) and
  • Symbols (warning sign or padlock)

The following version is expected will dispense with special security codes.

However, version 69 will continue to inform users of unsafe pages, with special alerts when entering data on the website.

treatment of http pages in google chrome v69

These measures are a reflecting the importance of providing a good and safe surfing experience for users. It underlines the need for an SSL certificate on every corporate website. Otherwise, the brand image may be damaged by messages such as "this website is not secure".


Viewing the installed version of Google Chrome

When you open a new browser window, you can check the installed version under Configuration-Help or URL chrome://settings/help

google chrome version how to check it

"Browsers like Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, mark websites without HTTPS as "not secure"

How do you know if a website has an SSL certificate?

When entering a website, the first thing to do is to look at the URL of the page. If the HTTPS and the green padlockmeans that the site is secure.

ssl https certificate connects software

Clicking on the padlock opens a window with the data of this certificate and the data of the certification body that issued this certificate.

This ensures safety of the web.


How do I get an SSL certificate for my website?

There are two ways to get a safety certificate.


The certification companies

Certification companies are an option. They can buy the certificate that assures the web. The price may vary depending on the company that certifies it.

Examples of certification companies


Let's Encrypt

The second option is free certificates.

From 2015, the EFF or Electronic Frontier FoundationIn addition, the company is partnering with companies such as Mozilla, Cisco and Akamai to offer free security certificates.

The initiative was born from the importance of a more secure network and to do so, give the opportunity to contribute to all those who cannot afford a certificate of payment.

The result is the creation of the free certification company Let's Encrypt.

Some of the companies that belong to Let's Encrypt


The hosting service from Conecta Software for online shops and websites, includes the installation of the Let's Encrypt security certificate. For more information, please visit our hosting page



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