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What is quality content

November 10, 2017 Conecta Software

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What is quality content and what does it have to do with SEOShould we focus on keywords, style or more than 1,000 words in quantity?

Questions about quality content


Do you have to be able to write well? What about grammar, spelling and vocabulary?

There is on the one hand the form we give it and then the content itself. Being an expert in the subject matter is a great advantage. Knowing how to expose it, too.

We've all had brilliant teachers or at least entertaining teachers. Sometimes it happens during class and sometimes after, that we wonder

"What have you been talking about for the last three hours?"

No doubt he's an expert, but he can't expose or teach.

If to all those, that teacher of communication skills decides to publish a book, let's hope he finds a good publisher.

From YOAST à la Hemingway AppIn addition, there are applications that provide us with indicators on the quality of the content we publish. They have to some extent replaced the editor with his dreaded red marker.

In conclusion, knowledge is important and so is the ability to communicate it.


The healing of content

Write or provide information?


Writing well is not a gift. Like everything else, you learn by reading and writing a lot.

In addition, it is important to seek feedback from the publisher and readers.

It never hurts to listen to the advice of writing experts like Stephen King or Annie Dillard.

Writing a magazine article or a chapter in a book is not the same thing. Even less so, writing for the web.

Drop the wordsIt says Janice RedishIt is a reference in usability, especially for writing on the Web.

Paragraphs become denser and longer on the screen.

We don't read on the web. We're looking for information.

If the word or definition is in bold, in a defined block, better than better.

In ecommerce, we write for the users who visit our site.

We write advertising texts, product descriptions or jam recipes. We share industry news, explain our services and the advantages of one software compared to another.

We don't read on the web. We're looking for information. Click To Tweet


Content Marketing

What would Hemingway say?

The Hemingway App rates the quality of our content according to the writing style of writer Ernest Hemingway. It is a useful tool to evaluate the quality of content focused on ecommerce.

The tool makes sure that the sentences are not too long and the words are not too far-fetched. Boldness and clarity is what you are looking for.

Very Hemingway-like. He didn't like adverbs. He had it in common with Stephen King


The road to hell is paved with adverbs

Stephen King


They don't like the passive voice either. Direct and to the point, facing threats without fear.

One New Yorker test discovers that Hemingway himself would not have received a pass on the application.

At the moment, it does not have a Spanish version.


The Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test


The Flesch-Kincaid readability tests indicate how easily a document can be understood. They assess the test according to this formula:

Flesch-Kincaid formula

The higher the value of the result, the easier it will be to understand the text.

A score between 90 y 100 indicates that an 11-year-old student can understand the text without problems.

The values between 60 and 70(the most common values) correspond to students between 13 and 15 years old.

Results under 30 limit effortless understanding to college graduates only.

We wouldn't want to conclude that Hemingway's style sometimes had the maturity of a testosterone-laden teenager. Sometimes, perhaps.


Panda and quality content


Finally, Google has published your own instructions to create quality content.

These indications are an answer to the questions that arose after the algorithm Panda.

The first rule is this:

The content must contain valuable information and inspire confidence in the author's expertise

Do you remember our brilliant teacher from before? We trust he's a subject matter expert he's trying.

What makes him a good teacher is knowing how to convey this content in the format appropriate. He knows his students and their background.

Speak at a proper language that students can and will understand.

He masters the subject well enough that he doesn't have to copy from others. Your content is uniquewith a voice of its own.

We don't want teachers who talk for 3 hours about personal anecdotes that don't valuable knowledge.

The duration of the class can be made eternal. So can an article. Filling paragraphs leave a bad taste and insinuate that the author does not have all the knowledge he claims to have.

quality content checklist

All of these rules apply in the creation of quality online content.


The key is in the structure

A good post follows a structure. It starts with the introduction, the argument and the definition of little-known words. It continues with the body of the text, exposing the ideas. It concludes with a summary.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Summary

It is not complicated to optimize a post with the desired keywords, if we follow this structure.



In short, to check that an article has quality content, let's the questions that Google proposes

  1. ¿is it useful? (answers user's question)
  2. ¿provides valuable information? (current restaurant hours, not last summer's)
  3. ¿has credibility? (cites data from reliable sources)
  4. ¿is unique, specific y is written for users and not for search engines?
  5. ¿is attractive?


Next Resources for Visibility and Digital Marketing

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