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April 15, 2020 Conecta Software

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Linkedin Sales Navigator is a tool that helps you overcome one of the biggest drawbacks in digital marketing strategies, which is finding leads of quality. Find that group of customers who might be interested in our product and who will generate a high conversion rate. In short, quality versus quantity.


At this point, Linkedin Sales Navigator allows you to define the group of people who are closest to your target. This is a very useful tool for trade B2B and that sets a trend in online marketing.

Linkedin Sales Navigator


What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

This is a service of Linkedin based on the data they have on the user profiles in their network of more than 610 million professionals.

It helps sales professionals to generate more sales opportunities, allowing you to identify those profiles that are closest to your target, and generate more potential customers.

All this is based on a strategy focused on the social sellingThis is a new concept that aims to generate sales by connecting with the customer on a more emotional level, in tune with their lifestyle.

Linkedin Sales Navigator accelerates the sales process by generating trust among potential customers and allowing to narrow down that segment of people more "in line" with our product. And all this thanks to the large amount of information that it has on each of the profiles. Among others, it allows you to segment by geographical criteria, the business sector, your activity, the size of the company or the function of the professional within your company, among others.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: An ABM Strategy


This tool is directly related to ABM (Account Based Marketing) strategies, as it aims to identify quality targets, which are highly suitable for our ideal target, and then build direct relationships with them and bring them closer to the brand.

It is especially useful when much of your business activity is of the B2B and your potential customers are key profiles within the company, or contribute to decision making within the company.

In short, the ultimate goal is to capture the attention of these profiles and get meetings, in which to present your products or value proposals.


Benefits of using LSN


It certainly helps to improve and complement the inbound marketing. Although, it is worth mentioning as a main advantage, that it offers the possibility of having more than six hundred million profiles among which to delimit our target, and that these are professional profiles, of which the platform has enough information.


Linkedin Sales Navigator


So, among its many benefits, we list the main ones:


  • It allows you to start from a group of more than 610 million profiles with a high degree of fineness
  • It allows to segment according to different criteria such as geographical, sector, activity...
  • Allows you to contact users who are not in your network
  • Find your target more easily and effectively
  • Generates a 45% more business opportunities
  • Gives you a 51% more chance of achieving the quota you set
  • It is up to 80% more productive than other techniques
  • You can integrate it with your CRM simply put
  • Allows the use of labels to organize accounts and leads
  • It includes the possibility of including "Notes" that are also synchronized with the CRM
  • Carry an extended list of users who have seen your profile
  • Generate sales presentations and share them without the need to download, although you will know who has viewed the presentations
  • It allows you to measure the efforts of Social selling
  • Integrate email.
  • InMails, allows you to send a limited number of private messages monthly
  • Provides regular reports to measure sales statistics


Different plans that include multiple functionalities


There are several types of plans to hire to suit the needs of each company.


Sales Navigator Professional

This is the basic plan. Ideal for making contact with the tool, it allows you to save up to 1500 leads and send up to 20 messages per month through InMail. It also allows you to integrate mail.


Sales Navigator Team

It is the solution designed for sales teams and allows integration with your CRM. This time the account expands its possibilities, allowing you to save up to 5,000 leads, make presentations with TeamLink, receive alerts and use InMail.


Sales Navigator Enterprise

This is the most complete version, which in its Premium version, allows you to get the most out of it. It is aimed at organizations with a large volume of customers. It allows you to save up to 10,000 leads and all the functions of the previous versions, as well as allowing you to configure the data in a more complete way.



Linkedin Sales Solutions

Finally, the platform offers a space where you can consult different techniques and sales strategies through LinkedIn. All this through free downloadable eBooks, as well as Webinars.

Similarly, you can find examples of how to use sales on social networks or how to change the way you sell.

A very complete information to get the most out of the platform.

Access here Linkedin Sales Solutions.



In short

Linkedin Sales Navigator is the indispensable tool for companies and professionals who sell or provide services through the B2B. Connect with your potential customers and find your ideal target more easily and effectively, increasing your conversion rate.

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