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November 26, 2018 Conecta Software

Resources for Visibility & Digital Marketing

Resources for UX and Web Design

Resources for Visibility and Digital Marketing

Resources for SEO

Resources for Online Advertising and Social Networking

What are the components of the process of saleWhy is it important to sales concept and what it has to do with Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is a direct consequence of our improved ability to measure and analyze results. Thanks to Web 2.0 we can find out sooner and better what business strategies work.


A Change of Focus

The practice of marketing is slowly changing. There is no longer a need for "push" sales. Instead, the focus is on the capture the search. Who already has interest and intention of purchase, expresses it through the search of the product or service in question. The company's task is to facilitate this search, or to "let itself be found".

Redefining the search

Google is not just a search engine. It has become little less than a synonym for online search.

In theory, all the information we are looking for is just a click away. In the search field we enter products by name and brand, compare prices and read reviews. We consult experts in the sector, follow influencers in their social network accounts.

4 types of search

In the online behavior, we distinguish 4 types of search:

  1. A shot at itWe know what we want and where to buy it.
  2. Referential searchResults related to our objective. They are distinguished by "you may also be interested"
  3. Comprehensive researchA complete search among all the possible options. The navigation menu better be prepared to facilitate user orientation.
  4. Find againWe don't remember where to find the product we want. Amazon solve it at the bottom of the page, in the section "your browsing history"

SEO - the art of optimizing content for search

If the company's objective is to be "found" by organic search (as opposed to paid advertisements), the SEO has to be part of their strategy. This methodology optimizes website content for search engines.

The target from SEO is a competitive positioning for a chosen search term. This term is translated into keywords.

In these 3 examples we see the 3 types of keywords. The first is for transaction, the second for navigation and the third for education.

A search for specific characteristics of a product is intended, though perhaps not immediately, to be a transaction. Pre-transaction steps may include checking for comparisons, reviews, and searching for discount coupons and special offers. It is a "reference search"

The product name and company name indicate the intention to navigate to a specific site. They go "a shot in the arm."

"How to Change a Wheel" is about finding information "educational". The user wants to know how a subject of immediate interest is made or how it works. This type of search can be made transactional, if the user perceives a value proposal. A wheel change business can publish a detailed article on the steps to follow. It will also include its offer to perform this service.

Articles of interest:

Online Marketing, SEO and SEM to improve positioning, visibility and conversion

SEO- Optimization Methodology

Search and Buyer Journey

What phase is the user in when they carry out their search. We distinguish a search for "locksmith 24 hours the lagoon"trends in secure locks" or "duplicate key offers".

The user is looking for answers to their questions about a product or service. He generates his demand. Do not wait to receive information about a variety of products that may or may not interest you. It is proactive.

At some pointInbound Marketing became synonymous with capturing emails and other contact data from potentially interested users. Other information may be the telephone, but above all it is the social profiles, which are affected by the practice of remarketing. We look for information about a tourist destination one day and the next day we come across an advertisement for Norwegian Airlines.

In principle, it can be assumed that the intentional search shows an interest in a product or service. The user wants to download an ebook on a topic of interest. In return, he informs his contact details and allows him to be contacted by a salesperson and receive the company's newsletter.

Lead generation and coordination with sales

A The main objective of inbound marketing is lead generation. This is coordinated with the other sales processes. The CRM is the tool used to turn potential customers into happy ones, when they are at the right time. In other words, when their needs match the company's solutions and above all, when they are interested in those solutions.


E-commerce with transaction

Lead generation is not the only measure of conversion. The online store is a new sales channel that complements the other channels.


Measure, analyze and execute

Inbound Marketing has within its reach a endless source of information on the behaviour of its target audience, its competitors and the market.

Working with this data helps in the branding strategy and marketing of products and services, in a measurable way.

Measuring the data leads to adjusting strategies and surprising findings about the client's needs. These provide opportunities to further refine the strategy. Discover potential customers who were not included in the segmented audience.

Web Analysis. Positioning, traffic, competition, branding, backlinks and optimization

Content Marketing

So what is the content that our potential client wants to find?

It's a content designed specifically to attract the target customer. It generates qualified leads for commercial offers, in combination with digital marketing tools.

It's the material we use SEM and SMM campaigns. It is reviewed according to the standards of SEO and SMO.

It consists of short or long keywords (long-tail) providing valuable information related to them. Thanks to the analytical tools we can analyze the performance of each keyword.

We help you design the content marketing strategy, execute and monitor and measure its impact and adjust it as we go along.

Articles of interest:


Let's start with some acronyms.

A - Attention; I - Interest; D - Desire; A - Action

A - Attraction; C - Conversion; C - Closing; F - Loyalty


These acronyms summarize processes as defined in

"The processing or set of operations to which a thing is subjected in order to be made or transformed."

What is AIDA

AIDA is possibly the oldest acronym for marketing. It's not clear who invented it. It is popularly attributed to Elias St. Elmo Lewis. Philip Kotler instead appoints Strong as inventor. Frank Hutchinson Dukesmith as i said 1904 with its IACD (C for Conviction), while working on his patented air brake. Dukesmith warned of another concept that has endured, the sales funnel. Not all sales will go through every state, and many will be lost. Understanding and perfecting the art of selling will lessen the loss of sales.

The acronym remains valid over the years. It started with 3 letters for attraction, interest and desire, but soon the last A for action was added.

Other variations are AIDCA, with C for Conviction to build customer loyalty or

NAICDANadding Need, Trust, Satisfaction, Evaluation.


AIDA online marketing


While all components provide value in developing the strategy, AIDA remains a complete classic in itself

  • AttentionThe aim is to capture the attention of the potential customer with the right tools.
  • InterestWhen attention has been drawn, the next step is to arouse interest. A balloon that explodes next to us may catch your attention for a moment, but it does not arouse any more interest. It is time to show the product or service.
  • I wantDisplay + Convince = Wishful thinking about the product or service.
  • ActionAcquisition: Share or acquisition.




AIDA computer graphics components


Inbound Marketing and the ACCF

How do you turn strangers into happy customers and promoters of business in the digital age? That's what inbound marketing is all about. The 4 letters are from the co-founder of Hubspot, Brian Halligan.

Peter Drucker talks about market segmentation and consumer orientation in the 1950s.

"The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service fits him like a glove and can sell itself"

  • AttractionInstead of spending on advertising in the hope that it will reach the right people and capture their attention, we use tools to get the right potential customers to our website. Right in the sense that they are looking for our product right now. How to do it? Increasing traffic to our website with Content upmarket and tools SEO. The corporate website is the showcase for the business. Its attractive and adapted design is essential for a good experience that transmits confidence.
  • RecruitmentThe purpose of this is to capture data from the potential client in order to include him in our CRMYou can also use your e-mail address for a newsletter or a form with your data if you want to download any extra content, such as additional content or an automated service.
  • CloseVisitor becomes a customer. For this purpose, we use tools of CRMThe company has also developed an automation software to have the product present when the customer needs it.
  • LoyaltyThe purchase is completed, we do not forget our customers and we use tools to make them become repeaters. Follow ups, surveys and upselling are some tools.


Inbound Marketing Tools



Social networking











Next Resources for Visibility and Digital Marketing

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Download our free ebook: "Practical Guide to Selling Online"

We have developed a complete guide to these steps. It includes strategy questions such as the different business models available, how to create a marketing strategy and what data to analyze. You can download the ebook for free here:

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