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July 20, 2020 Conecta Software

A Cookie is a text file that you enter in the user's web browser directory or in a data folder.

The main purpose is to identify the user by storing their activity history on a specific website, so that the ecommerce site can offer them the most appropriate content according to their history.

The information collected is used to refine marketing strategies and manage advertising campaigns.


Are all cookies the same?

There are two types of cookies:

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookie files. They are deleted when you close your browser. When you restart your browser and return to the site that created the cookie, the website will not recognize you. You will need to log in again or select your preferences and themes again if the site uses those features.

A new session cookie will be generated and stored with your browsing information, remaining active until you leave the site and close the browser. More about session cookies.

Permanent Cookies

In this case, these files remain in a subfolder of your browser until you delete them manually. It can also be your browser that deletes them according to the length of time set in the permanent cookie file.


What information does it store?

The specific website that created them is what determines their content. Therefore, the contents change from one site to another. As a general rule, cookies contain random text characters. Cookies are created with the aim of helping the user to access the site more quickly and effectively. For example, cookies can store information to help you enter a site without having to log in. In short, cookies tell the website that your browser has been on the site before. This does not mean it has to know exactly your identity.

Cookies in ecommerce

In the first visit to a website, a warning will be displayed informing about the use of cookies. Once the user has accepted the terms, they can browse the site. In the meantime, a cookie is stored in the browser with information.

When we visit that page again, the server asks for the same cookie to fix the settings, and try to make the user's visit as personalized as possible.

This file can identify recurring visitors, saves login data and allows faster loading on each new visit to the website in question.


The shopping basket - a fluid experience

Thanks to Cookies, you can save items in the shopping basket of an online store. On subsequent visits, the basket will remain with the same items.

Some online stores send an email reminder in order to close the sale of items stored in the virtual basket.


Learn more about the cookies



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