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Marketplace Comercio La Orotava

August 28, 2020 Njla772

Comercio La Orotava is a marketplace for local commerce in La Orotava and a pioneering project for the digitalization of each and every one of the businesses in the municipality, whatever their sector. We collaborate in this project with the marketplace development of this innovative initiative in Tenerife.


We developed a video presentation, which is located at the beginning of the website and explains the operation and advantages of this innovative project.

The components of the marketplace of Comercio La Orotava

The platform had to bring together several functionalities, to make it useful and easy to use for both businesses and consumers.

The website itself must be responsive, adapted to all devices. This is the only way we can help users to really interact with the marketplace. In addition, the CMS should be easily updated to introduce news, events and last minute changes.

It has many dynamic elements, to facilitate the interaction with the information.

We chose PrestaShop as a platform for this ecommerce project, as it combines ease of use with the scalability and management of several stores in one.

Want to know more about PrestaShop? Visit PrestaShop


categories sectors marketplace trade la orotava

Marketplace categories


The marketplace aims to welcome all sectors and to allow all businesses in the municipality to benefit from the digitalisation opportunities it offers.

In turn, we had to define a non-excessive number of categories, so as not to saturate consumers. The result is 10 categories ranging from bakeries to bookstores.


Introducing the shops of La Orotava and its products

The marketplace on its launch day already has more than 100 participating businesses. Consumers can search directly in the shop to know, by category or by product.

example category marketplace bakeryEach category has a prominent image and is accompanied by images of the products of all the shops participating in that category.

product detail marketplace pina tropicalDetail of a product card, which has the components of an ecommerce, such as price, quantity and seller information, shipping and payment conditions.

Comercio La Orotava in the Press

La Orotava launches a web platform for commerce

La Orotava Town Hall is working to set up a platform online in which the commercial sector of the municipality will participate. Through this initiative, the Council wants to support small and medium entrepreneurs. The situation arising from the health crisis caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 is characterized by deep social and economic uncertainty, and from the local government there is a firm commitment to spare no effort to help alleviate the effects of this complex scenario that local SMEs are facing today.

See News in La Orotava launches a web platform for trade

La Orotava presents the largest online shopping centre in the Canary Islands

See News in La Orotava presents the largest online shopping center in the Canary Islands

La Orotava presents the largest online shopping center in the Canary Islands

La Orotava Trade Visit!


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