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Web development and design for companies.

Professional website design helps companies show their best face online. A corporate website is a showcase for the business, and many times the first point of contact with potential customers.
These are the features of our web design services.

Corporate Design

We adapt the web design to your corporate image. A personalized design in line with your brand creates a unique and memorable experience, and is a reliable indicator of quality.

Responsive design

All our designs are adapted to different mobile devices and tablets: increase conversion, improve positioning and achieve an optimal experience.

UX Design

The user experience strategy is the fusion of Design UX and UI with the business strategy. It is user-centric while aligning with the business vision.


WordPress is the most widespread and fastest growing web development platform today. It offers security, design, and optimization SEO.


A comprehensive service with hosting, domain registration, email accounts and backups. In addition, SSL Certificates improve positioning and inspire confidence.

Technical support

We take care of the support arrangements physically, by phone or email. We have remote support tools and update service.


Return on Investment: every month we deliver a report with the metrics of visits, sales and profitability of your business.

Clear price

We make a detailed analysis of your needs in order to give you a definitive price.


Your website as another sales channel, for online sales or as a catalogue for your commercials.

Multiple languages

Take advantage of a global marketplace to do business in multiple languages and currencies, with a flexible website to suit an international audience.

Control Panel

You will always have full access to your Web or Online Store, your email accounts and your associated statistics and metrics.


We offer services of copywriting optimized. Text and design are inseparable and complement each other for a professional and attractive image.


We configure Google's analytical tools so you can access key metrics: acquisition indicators, visitor behavior and conversion.


We keep your website or online store optimized at all times so that Google can position it in the most visible way. We offer SEOThe company's strategy is based on the following principles: a strong focus on the quality of the service, audits, and a comprehensive content strategy.


Optimized designs for conversion with strategic integration of calls to action They provide valuable metrics and guide users.

We plan your
digital strategy.

We help you to define your company's integral e-commerce strategy with a 360º vision:
web design, stock management, logistics and online marketing

Frequently asked questions about web design.

"Not only companies" The websites have many features, which are adapted to the needs of all types of projects. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

Is it a custom design?

The first thing to bear in mind is that there are different degrees of personalization. Most of the pre-designed and customisable pages we offer come from providers such as 1&1, Wix... These types of templates have a very low degree of customisation, but on the other hand do not require much design knowledge to create a website.

For a website to fit the corporate image of a company or a brand, templates or platforms that allow a high degree of customization are needed, as is the case with WordPress. Your page will have to be original, visually attractive, adapted to mobile devices (responsive) and without losing sight of usability. Among its characteristics, it is worth mentioning:

  • It allows you to replace the letters of the logo with an image (corporate logo).
  • Choose the font for headings and text.
  • It offers the possibility of using colors, gradients, videos and images as background.
  • It allows you to customize and create sliders as well as place them in different sections and on different pages.
  • It offers a multitude of optimized templates for any business, professional or commercial activity.
  • It has a large number of plugins and elements that add and extend the functionality of the website.

How do customers find our site?

Every website needs a place to stay (Hosting) and a unique name that identifies your website on the Internet (Domain). An example of a domain name would be "connectasoftware.com".

One of the first steps in contracting with us for the development of your website is to buy the domain name that will identify your website. From here, everyone who wants to access your site will only have to write your domain name in their browser, whether from a PC, mobile phone...

Does it look good on cell phones?

Yes, one of the features of WordPress templates is that they are mobile-friendly.

When visiting our website from a mobile device we will check that the elements that make up the website are repositioned and adapted to improve the user experience of mobile devices. And this adaptation is not only estéticaIn addition, changes are made to improve functionality, such as the main navigation menu which becomes the hamburger menu.

What platforms do you use?

At Conecta Software we specialize in designs for corporate websites on WordPress.

In addition, we set up your Online Store on PrestaShopWooCommerce , a leading content management system for creating online stores for e-commerce, and WooCommerce , which is the official WordPress add-on that turns your website into an online store.

What are the steps for the creation of my website?

Each project is different and meets the specific needs of each company, but in general terms there is a more or less standardized process:

1. Choosing and contracting the hosting and domain.

2. Choosing the template on which to build the website.

3. Installation of the CMS.

4. Personalization of the template (corporate colours, typography, logos...).

5. Definition and design of banners and sliders.

6. Customize the Footer and create the legal pages (Legal notice, privacy policy, etc.) cookies…).

7. Definition of product categories and families.

8. Homepage design.

9. Design of the contact page and interior pages.

10. Design and configuration of the Blog.

11. Configuration of specific functionalities of the project (Portfolios, events manager, reservation systems, private area for clients...).

12. General review.

13. Content optimization (SEO).

14. Configuration and adaptation of the web to the view in mobile devices.

15. Project closure and maintenance

Do I need to renew my current website?

Updating your website is highly recommended. Among the main reasons for doing so is security. All the elements that make up your website, from WordPress or PrestaShop to the installed plugins, evolve and are updated to provide better aesthetics, functionality and, above all, advances in security, correcting possible errors and vulnerabilities. An updated website is a more secure website.

On the other hand, design trends change generating aesthetic differences between the most current websites and those that have not been renewed for a long time. Fashions create trends, and the tastes of your target audience change. Your website must be in line with these changes in trend to remain attractive to your clientele. If your website has already completed a period of life between 3 and 5 years you should start thinking about updating it.

Currently more than 50% of the visits to the web are made from mobile devices, and this trend is increasing. So it's time to optimize your website to suit the view from mobile devices and facilitate navigation, consultation and access from these devices.

How much does my project cost?

Web design does not have a fixed price, as it is a function of the complexity of the design. The number of pages, the graphic design requirements and the different elements that we add to provide greater functionality to the site and adapt it to the needs of the client, (reservation management systems, online store, the creation of a private area for clients, project portfolio, etc.) are factors that influence the amount of work required for a given project, and consequently its cost.

At Conecta Software we offer you a pricing scheme for different design projects for which you can choose to pay the cost of the project in a single payment or through a monthly subscription. For more information you can contact contact with us.

How can I keep the website updated?

Once the project is created, you can count on us to keep the content of the project updated.

As far as the CMSWhether it is WordPress or PrestaShop, it is highly advisable to update it since updates correct security holes, improve web performance and functionality, and keep the site up to date with possible changes in web standards or legal requirements.

How can I maintain my corporate image?

Your company has a brand image, and the website must fit that brand image. The first thing to do is to include your logo on the website so that it identifies you unequivocally.

On the other hand, we use the corporate colour palette, the graphic material you provide and the different typographic fonts of your logo or brand to customize the design of the rest of the elements of the website, thus achieving that the appearance of the website continues with the image of the different graphic elements of your business.

If your company or your suppliers have a brand manual, we follow its criteria and guidelines.

How long does it take to create a website?

The duration of your web project depends on its complexity, on the times in the flow of information and on possible setbacks that may arise.

In general terms, a corporate website developed in WordPress involves a development period of between 30 and 45 days, although these values may vary depending on each project.

An online store developed in PrestaShop usually takes between 45 and 60 days to be operational, since it involves processes such as stock synchronization, payment gateway configuration... These times may vary.

Does my web project include the SSL certificate?

Yes. All the accommodation plans on our servers include the SSL certificate installation to increase the security of your website. In addition to generating confidence in users, certifying your website with SSL makes Google improve your visibility in search engines.
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of web design.

Although each design is unique and personalized, there are some elements that all optimized web pages have in common. The focus is on improving the user experience. In this sense, we opt for a design that facilitates navigation and fast loading pages.

The criteria
more important.

The trends have changed a lot in these more than 25 years of web design. Usability is already established in the basic vocabulary, with reference books like "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug. Design and functionality come together in negative spaces, search fields and calls to action.

A minimalist style

Minimalist web design applies the philosophy of reducing to the essential. "Minimalism can be defined as the perfection that an object achieves when it is no longer possible to improve it by subtraction, when the smallest detail has been reduced to the essential. It is the result of the omission of the superfluous" John Pawson.


Arial and Calibri are no longer the only fonts on the web. There are several interesting options that are compatible and offer a positive experience. For example, Google Fonts is a directory of free typographic fonts.

Contact information

Contact information should be highly visible. It is usually included in the header and footer, as well as a dedicated page. The most relevant information depends on the type of business, although it is usually highlighted: The telephone number, location, opening hours.

SSL certificate

It is recommended that an SSL certificate be installed on all websites. There are several types of certificates that address the different needs of businesses.

Integrated videos

Video is the fastest growing content format in the last year. The growing number of YouTube users, as well as bloggers and YouTubers themselves, shows this. The professional videos integrated in the design line bring several advantages. They increase the length of visits and improve the user experience.


The integrated chat is an important tool for capturing and converting visits into leads and sales in real time.


Eye-catching sliders that occupy the entire width of the page, where the image and a small text have all the prominence. A large image helps to convey the content visually, reinforcing and supporting the theme of the website in question. An attractive design invites you to continue browsing the page.

Hamburger menu

Web pages usually have horizontal and vertical navigation bars. The more content a website has, the more space the bars take up. A burger-like menu collects all the content in an attractive way. They help to find relevant information quickly.

Search field

A search field helps navigation, especially for recurring users who are looking for specific information from before. A simple item with a magnifying glass as an icon adds value. It is usually located in the upper right-hand corner.


The Footer usually includes a small map of the site for easy navigation. It also displays contact information and links to social media profiles. It is much more minimalist than the rest of the website, although its design will remain the same. The most important pages are linked from the Footer, with link or button design.

Flat designs

In recent years, flat designs without 3D effect have been established. Among its advantages are the speed of page loading and the improved user experience when navigating.

Calls to action

Calls to action, or CTAs, are intended to sell and collect contact information. The design and strategic placement of the buttons and contact forms influence how successful they will be in achieving the objectives of the website. These elements must be designed with usability in mind.


We found the best grant for you to sell online.

Our prices

Online Shop

in WooCommerce or PrestaShop
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Payment gateway

Connected Shop and Catalogue

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Payment gateway
  • Synchronization ERP
  • Rich catalogue
We plan your strategy

Web design on WordPress

WordPress is the most widespread and fastest growing web development platform today. It offers security, a large number of design and optimization possibilities SEO.

Ecommerce about Prestashop

Prestashop is the fastest growing e-commerce management platform in the last 5 years, with complete functionality, security and flexibility for online store web design.

WooCommerce: e-commerce on WordPress

Woocommerce is the official WordPress add-on for turning your website into an online store. If you do not have more than 200 or 300 Woocommerce items it can be a very suitable solution for selling online.

Slider revolution: animated images on your website

It is the most complete, secure and up-to-date plug-in for creating animated image and video presentations. Nowadays it is very common to use a big slider on the main page, and even use it to show image galleries.

Visual Composer: WordPress development environment

It extends the design possibilities and expands the options when displaying and assembling subsections of the web pages. This framework receives constant updates that add functionality and design to the web.

WPML: The importance of language on the internet

Not all websites are born with the intention of reaching a multilingual audience. But if it makes sense for your business to work with multiple languages, now or in the future, you should have the standard plug-in in creating multi-lingual websites.

Web Hosting

At Conecta Software we offer a comprehensive hosting service for ecommerce. We take care of the hosting, domain registration, email accounts and backups of your website.

In addition, all our hosting services include the SSL security certificate.

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Connect your business.


In HUB 360 you will find all the technology and services for your e-commerce strategy.


Integra tu ecommerce con tu ERP sistema de gestión y todos tus canales para vender online.


BI Studio dashboards are your next generation business intelligence tool.


Proyecto Cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional. Beneficiario: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. Nº expediente: EATIC2019010001. Inversión Aprobada: 173.800,00 €. Comienzo: 01/04/2019. Finalización: 30/09/2020. El presente proyecto tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de una capa de usuario multilingüe y dashboards para entornos web y windows de solución de Business Intelligence.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Beneficiary: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. File number: PI2019010001. Approved Investment: 6,444.80 Start date: 17/10/2018. Completion: 16/10/2019. The present project aims at developing a connector software that automates the generation of virtual catalogues so that the company can offer in its Online Store products with a wide description and with images that make the user experience richer and more complete.


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