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Amazon is a U.S. e-commerce and cloud computing services company based in Seattle, Washington state. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Heathers when he left his previous job at a major Wall Street company.

This is the company that was dedicated to selling goods on the Internet on a large scale, also under the slogan: "From A to Z translated into Spanish as: De la A a la Z.

Currently the product line has been diversified to offer: DVD, music CDs, software, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, books, etc.

WordPress is the CMS The fastest growing, with more than 500 new sites being built daily on the top 10 million websites on the web.

"Amazon was one of the first major companies to sell goods over the Internet. "

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How to sell on Amazon?
Marketplaces vs Ecommerce
Sources of income in ecommerce

Origins and evolution of Amazon

Amazon was born in 1994, its founder being Jeff Bezos He chose the name Amazon, inspired by the different and exotic nature of the Amazon, a parallelism with the pretensions he had for his project. In 1996 he began to trade on the stock market, and continued to grow until it became the largest bookstore in the world in 1997.

From A to Z, it reflects their philosophy. The company currently distributes and sells its own technological products, as well as all kinds of articles. And all this through a sophisticated logistics system.

Amazon features and functionalities

More sales

As there are millions of active buyers on Amazon, the likelihood of selling the products will increase.


International Expansion

As we have already mentioned, amazon is one of the most extended platforms in the world and in which many consumers trust, that is why you will be able to sell in different markets


Low marketing costs

By attracting thousands of customers a day, depending on the sector, you can start selling online without a large investment.


No inventory required

Amazon has hundreds of storage centers, so all you have to do is ship your products and they maintain the inventory, prepare and distribute them to the buyers.

Reasons to be on Amazon

More than 25,000 companies already sell their products on Amazon. Among its advantages, it is worth mentioning:


  • Your brand will be seen by millions of customers
  • Fast shipping by taking advantage of Amazon's logistics (FBA)
  • Easy integration with your existing ecommerce
  • Internationalize your product
  • Find customers among the companies that sell on Amazon, favoring trade B2B

What is a Marketplace?

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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Beneficiary: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. File number: EATIC2019010001. Approved Investment: 173.800,00 ?. Start date: 01/04/2019. Completion: 30/09/2020. This project aims to develop a multilingual user layer and dashboards for web and windows environments of Business Intelligence solution.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Beneficiary: Conecta Software Soluciones SLU. File number: PI2019010001. Approved Investment: 6,444.80 Start date: 17/10/2018. Completion: 16/10/2019. The present project aims at developing a connector software that automates the generation of virtual catalogues so that the company can offer in its Online Store products with a wide description and with images that make the user experience richer and more complete.


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