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June 18, 2020
Posted in Analytics
June 18, 2020 Conecta Software

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Benchmarking in a digital world

Benchmarking means generating better solutions, based on business knowledge. It is not copying the best.

H.J. Harrington

Phases of the benchmarking digital

  • Planning
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

Depending on the objective, several data sources can be combined and the analysis process will also vary. The following is an example of data collection with the SemRush tool.

If you want to know more about the analysis and the available data sources, you can consult our Data Mining series.

First, let's look at a term that has a lot to do with data analysis: PEST. This is the acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological and is an analysis that identifies all those factors related to the environment that affect companies when developing the activity. In this way, it facilitates research prior to the start of the activity and allows better adaptation to possible changes that occur in the environment. In addition, it offers information related to possible opportunities that may arise in the market.

And another factor that is related to data collection is the Analysis SWOTThe tool that allows us to study the situation of an organization based on a square matrix. In this matrix we analyze its internal characteristics and the external situation (opportunities versus threats).

Web analytics and the importance of SEO

SemRush is a leading web analytics suite and provides essential tools for web optimization. Before going into detail about the functionalities of SemRush, we briefly review the concept of SEO.

What does SEO mean?

The concept of SEO comes from the acronym in English: Search Engine Optimization and it means internet search engine optimization. They arise from the need for web site designs to appear in the first search results.

Where do you do SEO?

The most used search engines nowadays are Google y Bing. "This is going to be read by Google. will say an expert in SEOalthough obviously the human reader is never forgotten. The truth is that web optimization in these search engines has become the standard in web development and its importance is increasing all the time. 

Do I need it?

The truth is that the technological revolution and the rise of the internet has brought about many changes in our lives. Both in the forms of communication and in the business models. The marketing area has been particularly affected by new technologies. It can be said that a modern marketer is more akin to a software expert than a traditional marketer. 

If you want to get the online visibility your company deserves, you need the SEO. Users use search engines almost 24 hours a day to look for their products or services. That's why you need this strategy to get Google for example to understand what your website is about and whether it's relevant to the user and their queries.


The SEO is an investment that will be very profitable in the long term.


Advantages of SEO positioning

  • Good long-term return on investment
  • Better positioning in the results
  • Increases qualified traffic to the site
  • More sales
  • Increases brand visibility
  • Improves visibility compared to the competition
  • Optimizes web usability


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What is SEMrush? What can be done with the tool?

SEMrush is one of the most great web analytics tools and software. It is one of the most recognized by experts SEO and the world of online marketing. With SEMrush it is possible to get complete analysis of both your domain and that of competitors.

The tool is constantly growing and evolving. It has more than 40 online tools with multiple functions. But, basically it focuses on the study of competencies in Marketing and SEO.

This toolhas become one of the most used by all those professionals of the SEO thanks to the comprehensive competitor analysis service.

With this tool you can see and do:

  • Evolution of your domain
  • Competitor analysis
  • Organic and payment traffic
  • Audits of backlinks o linkbuilding
  • The best keywords or keywords
  • Searching for niches
  • Audits Seo On-Page


Semrush is your best ally in your strategy SEO


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SemRush Sensor - How to know the changes in Google's algorithm

As you may know, Google rankings and the algorithms that establish them are not constant and positions evolve in both directions in a fluid way. That's why the great tool of SEMrush has a version in which we can know the changes that occur within the Google algorithms every day called: SEMrush Sensor 

Basically it is about track the volatility of search engine results on a daily basis and know and keep informed about changes that may occur.

This tool is born from the idea that the sooner we know the most up-to-date and appropriate information possible, the sooner we can react and adapt to changes.

So, we will be able to see the most affected categories and also track down a specific one in which we are interested.

 Tool indicators:

  • Google changes and volatility SERP
  • HTTPS and AMP popularity
  • Personal score on the mobile and on the desk 
  •  periods during which there have been deviations 
  • Domains have become the winners and losers



Domain Analysis Tool

With SEMrush's Domain Overview tool, we can know the range of metrics that correspond to online visibility for a web domain. In such a way, that we can know the general aspect of the presence of a web in a simple and fast way. 

Some of the data we may know are: organic traffic, paid traffic, use of display networks, traffic costs, domain authority, domain ranking

Next, we will implement this SEMrush domain analysis tool and find out about the search engine visibility ranking of web design agencies and Seo in the Canary Islands 2020.


Case study: Visibility ranking of web design and seo agencies in Canarias 2020

Before starting with the ranking and visualizing the data and metrics, we have to know which of these aspects we are going to talk about and according to which the classification has been developed.


  • Authority Score

Within SEMrush's Backlink Analysis tool, we can find 4 different metrics that allow the measurement of impacts and links in a domain or website: 

  • Trust Score
  • Authority Score
  • Page Score
  • Domain Score

In this case the Authority Score is an exclusive SEMrush metric that measures the overall quality of a domain. So, with it we can know if it is beneficial to get a link of a particular domain. The score is based on a scale from 0 to 100. It is based on the data provided by SEMrush: backlinks, organic traffic and data from traffic.


  • Organic Traffic

This section is in charge of knowing and collecting all the visits that have been made to a web page or a blog, through the results page of a search engine such as Google or Bing.


  • Backlinks

With this tool it is possible to know and study both your backlinks like those of your competitors. So you can compare different domains from one place. Track and analyze the backlinks and allows to deepen the marketing strategies.


  • SEMrush Domain Ranking

With the Ranking SEO from SEMrush, extracts the data and displays information about the most important websites. It is a very useful tool especially when detecting possible changes in Google's algorithm quickly.

Next resources for Segmentation

In this article we will see the most common logical fallacies that can be found and that should be avoided in data analysis. As we've seen in the articles on Big Data y Small Dataor the summary of "A sea of data"We have more data than ever before. We can use tools to collect some of this data, shape it, interpret it and try to leverage those representations to make better business decisions.
It is very common to relate technology, innovation and business as an almost continuous whole through which the most advanced management strategies are directed.
What are the KPIs of an Ecommerce? Why do we need them and how are they used to get better results and more profit?

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We have developed a complete guide to these steps. It includes strategy questions such as the different business models available, how to create a marketing strategy and what data to analyze. You can download the ebook for free here:

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