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August 17, 2020 Conecta Software

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Developing effective marketing and communication strategies has never been easier. Social networks are an ideal communication channel to communicate and launch a large number of campaigns, so that a large number of people can be reached.

However, if we do not measure and analyze their content and performance, we cannot improve the results.

To carry out an analysis of this type of platform we have a wide variety of tools, which greatly facilitate this process.

What an analysis tool is used for

A good analysis tool is intuitive and easy to use. It improves transparency, processes and structure, so that marketing activities and strategy become sustainable and can be effectively scaled.


Do I need social media analysis tools for my company?

If you want to

  • have profiles in social networks
  • to measure the ROI and expand the impact of your campaigns?
  • make better strategic decisions
  • compare your performance with your competitors
  • track marketing results

then the answer is that you do.


The main areas of social media analysis

As in any analysis tool, we find a large amount of data. Distinguishing between metrics and vanity and performance indicators is the first step. Depending on the stage of the business, its sector and the objectives it pursues, some metrics are more important than others.

If you want to know more about how to choose your KPIs and decide which metrics to monitor, read this article:

The KPIs of an Ecommerce

In Social Media Analytics, these are the main areas in which we will collect data:

  • Audience
  • Performance
  • Competition
  • Social media advertising
  • Influencers
  • Feelings
  • Customer Service


Analysis platforms of the main Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest's own social networking platforms offer free access to performance data on our pages, profiles and company accounts.


Facebook IQ

Facebook has a complete platform for its products, Facebook, InstagramMessenger, WhatsAppThe Workplace, Workplace and Audience Network. Among them, we highlight:

  • Facebook Audience Insights provides information about the people connected to your site. It also has a second type of audience made up of people on Facebook.
  • Instagram InsightsIn this tool we can analyze data such as clicks, impressions, likes, activity of your followers on Instagram.

Twitter Analytics

It is a free tool offered by Twitter for all those users with an average traffic volume. This platform allows you to analyze your tweets, clicks, impressions, the genre of your audience, etc. 

Go to Twitter Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

This tool can only be used by those users who are verified by the platform. It has three panels: profile, public and activity. Through them, you can see everything related to your pins, how many I like you, number of impressions, how many times they have been shared, analyze your audience knowing their demographics, which company they follow, etc.

Go to Pinterest Analytics


Free third party tools and platforms

In addition to the native tools, there are many third party platforms, which allow us to unify various data sources.


Hootsuite eThis is one of the best tools currently on the market for a great deal of social network analysis. It allows you to schedule posts and configure different reports; it also gives you the option to link to Google Analytics. It's important to point out that it's a paid tool but it has a free version, with which we can analyze two social networks and get some simple reports.

Go to Hootsuite



Through this free tool you can view the performance of any Facebook page. Simply with the url of the page we want to analyze, this tool provides us with an analysis of the performance, as well as a series of recommendations for improvement.


Google Alerts

Through this Google tool we can receive alerts about a specific product, topic or service to know at all times what is happening on the network and what social network is talking about it. This tool is very useful to be aware of new product launches or be aware of many current issues, as you can configure the frequency with which we want to enter the emails.


In short

The analysis of social networks is fundamental to get the best out of the social marketing strategy. However, it is still common to be confused by vain metrics or not do any kind of monitoring. The second mistake is using only native tools and analyzing each channel in isolation, thus losing the discovery of key data points and social network knowledge.

Social network analysis is fundamental to the Social Media Marketing (SMM). There's no point in marketing if we can't know if we're doing it right or not.

Measurement and analysis allow us to assess their impact, constantly improve performance, optimize budget, create a strategy and improve relationships with our audience at every point of contact in the purchase cycle.

Next Resources for Monitoring

What is a Data Source

A data source is a set of statistical data, studies from public bodies, reports and associations that form a very valuable grouping for organizations since, through them, they can generate analyses that will help them make future decisions.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is a concept that refers to the process of extracting useful and understandable knowledge from large amounts of data that are stored in different formats in order to find patterns of behavior

+ What is Data Literacy?

Companies manage an increasing amount of data. However, collecting data is not the same as understanding it. Mastering word processing or spreadsheets is no longer enough.
Google Analytics For Ecommerce

Google Analytics offers a wide range of analytical tools that allow us to know in depth the number and type of visits we are receiving in our online store.

Download our free ebook: "Practical Guide to Selling Online"

We have developed a complete guide to these steps. It includes strategy questions such as the different business models available, how to create a marketing strategy and what data to analyze. You can download the ebook for free here:

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